April 27, 2006


The 5 Most Common Debt Settlement Options

If you are like most people trapped by debt, you have been researching your debt settlement options , trying to find the best options to get out from under this burden.

You have probably looked at a few companies and started to realize that although there are many companies out there, many of them are trying to get you further into debt (debt consolidation loans), have payment arrangements and time frames that just won't work for you (Consumer Credit Counseling). Or they are trying to convince you to file bankruptcy (law firms).

Just not being aware of your other options could land you in whole heap of trouble that you never even thought of.

To learn what the 5 most common debt settlement options are then click here.


West Virginia Sues Collection Agency

West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw has sued a Florida collection agency to force the agency to stop collecting debts in the state based on cancelled magazine subscriptions.

Vero Beach, Fla.-based Check Game Solutions, Inc. and its president Catherine Kay are the target of Attorney General Darrell McGraw’s lawsuit, which alleges a magazine subscription company used aggressive tactics to sell subscriptions and then, when the residents later tried to cancel their checks, sent their information onto Check Game Solutions.

The collection agency was hired to send collection letters accusing customers of writing bad checks. In one case, the lawsuit says, Check Game threatened to turn the debt over to the “Worthless Check Division” of the “State Attorney’s Office,” a fictitious department.

Under West Virginia law, consumers have the right to cancel their magazine subscriptions at any time.

McGraw also says his office tried to resolve the situation amicably but the agency “refused to settle the matter.”

April 20, 2006


99 Banks and 1 Billion in Debt

About two weekends ago I attended the Los Angeles Real Estate Weath Expo at the Convention Center in downtown LA.

I heard that almost 60,000 people actually attended this very successful event. Imagine 60,000 people clamoring to buy real estate investment courses. You can bet that the speakers cleaned up.

I estimated that each seminar speaker sold almost $100,000 in products and services.

They had the great ones there like Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim. Robert Allen was there. So was Russ Whitney and Robert Shemin. Like I said the heavy hitters were out in force.

Believe it or not, that is NOT why I went. I went to see Donald Trump!!

He was great. He brought his daughter and a couple of people from the Apprentice. I found him to be just as dynamic as he is on his show. A very entertaining speaker. TO say I was spellbound is an understatement.

But what he had to say about his life in the early ninties was what grabbed me the most.

I think that a lot of us heard that the Donald was pretty much bankrupt back then. In fact the Donald say that he was in debt to 99 different banks and had almost $1 billion in debt that he personally owed.

He said that the banks were hounding him night a day...literally calling him in the middle of the night. Basically he went through exactly what many of us have and are going through right now...

Of course he pulled himself through. Like many of you will.

But how? How did the the great, amazing Donald Trump pull himself through it?...

Well, he negotiated and settlement of his debts. He did his own debt settlement.

I know many have hard time believing that you can handle the $30,000 or $40,000 that you have, but can you imagine having to do settlement on almost $1,000,000,000 dollars...?

If you think you have it rough - that is rough!

If you wish to learn about debt settlement and how it may help you get out under heavy, overwhelming debt then just clisk here, or learn how can do your own debt settlement and save even more money then click here.

April 19, 2006


FTC Collects more than 66,000 Complaints about Collectors

FTC Collects more than 66,000 Complaints about Collectors

Consumers filed 66,627 complaints about third-party debt collectors with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last year, up sharply from the 58,698 complaints filed in 2004, the commission reported late Friday.

Those complaints represent 19.1 percent of all consumer complaints filed with the FTC last year, making the collection business the single most complained-about industry in the country, the FTC reports.

In addition, 23,605 complaints were filed about in-house collectors last year. “Some in-house collectors use no-holds-barred collection tactics in their dealings with consumers,” states the FTC in its2006 annual report to Congress on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

April 9, 2006


How to Choose a Front-Fee Based Debt Settlement Option

A front-fee based debt settlement option is the next line of defense after a performance-fee based debt settlement option.

It is a more extreme version of debt settlement and should only be used when you cannot do a performance-fee based solution. I will explain more a bit a later of why this is so....

Most of debt settlement companies that you will call will be of the front-fee based variety. I estimate that about...95%...of all the companies out there will be a front-fee debt settlement option. Of course some of them will offer both options of a performance-fee and front-fee based. If the company does offer both solutions, then look into the performance-fee option first...the front-fee option.

The best time to look at this type of debt settlement option is....

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