June 21, 2006


Rudeness, Verbal Abuse Top Complaint List

The top ethics complaint lodged with the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals’ ethics department during May concerned allegations that debt collectors acted in a rude manner and verbally abused consumers, the association reports.

That echoes the types of complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), where collection agencies are the most complained about business group in the country.

The FTC has stated that a collector’s use of “religious slurs, profanity, obscenity, calling the consumer a liar or a deadbeat, and the use of racial or sexual epithets” is abusive.

Whether a collector intends to abuse a consumer by using such language is irrelevant. Regardless of his or her intention, if the consequence of using such language while trying to collect a debt results in abuse to the consumer, a violation occurs.

Source: Credit and Collections World

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